Eliminate Your Toothache With Johns Creek Root Canals

You may be like most people and believe that a root canal is one of the worst dental procedures possible. If you do, the team at Shawn A. Walls, DDS would like set the record straight. Most patients report that Johns Creek root canals are no more uncomfortable than having a tooth filled. A root canal is a beneficial procedure that offers you many benefits:

  • Stopping the pain of a diseased or damaged tooth
  • Preventing damage to your other teeth and gums
  • Saving your tooth from extraction
  • Making it comfortable to bite and chew again
  • Preparing your tooth for a crown as a finishing restoration
  • Avoiding the expense of replacing a missing tooth

Don’t stay in pain a minute longer than necessary. We offer two forms of sedation to help you relax, and we’re open for early morning appointments. Call our office today and we’ll get you in as soon as possible: 678-797-7793. We’re often able to fit you in the same day for an emergency appointment.

Keep Your Smile Healthy With a Root Canal

Each of your teeth contains a soft inner portion known as the pulp chamber, which is full of nerves. When tooth decay reaches the pulp, it can produce quite a bit of pain. Left untreated, you’ll eventually have to have your tooth extracted. However, if caught early enough, Dr. Walls can perform root canal treatment on your diseased tooth. He will:

  • Access the pulp chamber to clean out the infection
  • Sterilize the tooth to help prevent reinfection
  • Repair the root canals and fill them with a rubber-like material
  • Reseal the tooth

It is best to cap the repaired tooth with a crown to strengthen it and restore your biting capacity. However, we can discuss your unique situation to help you decide on whether to get a crown.

Johns Creek root canals are as comfortable as possible at Shawn A. Walls, DDS. Contact us today if you have a toothache or have been told you need a root canal. New patients can call 678-797-7793, and existing patients can call 770-813-0079.